Menu Ideas

Part of creating any unique experience includes adding your own special touches.  A one of a kind menu helps to set the tone for your event, and that begins with great ideas.  

We welcome the collaboration between your vision and our years of experience.  Together, we can design a custom menu, or if you prefer, you can choose from some of our tried and true dishes.  Either way, we know you will be pleased.  

Get started by browsing some of our ideas using the links below. 

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Luncheon price ranges from $14.95 - $18.95 per person, depending on menu selection.  Select from the following 3 categories.


Choose one from this category, if desired.


Spicy Sweet Corn, Roasted Poblano Peppers
Rustic garlic scented soup, garnished with ancho cornbread.

Refreshing Gazpacho
Red garden, green garden, flower garden, or seafood.

Asparagus Soup, Smoked Goat Cheese Disk
Garnished with toasted pinenuts.

Beef Broth with Oven Roasted Tomato, Pea Shoots, and Ginger
Garnished with slivered shiitake mushrooms.

Salmon and Clam Chowder
Scented with white wine, northern beans, leeks, and chopped tomato.


Cross-Eyed Chili
Aggressive, heartwarming.

Grilled Vegetable Chili
Offered on crisp polenta, garnished with shiitake mushroom chips.

Smoked Tuna Chili
Topped with habanero chili pepper sour cream, garnished with scallions and lime zest.

Vegetarian Bean Chili
Rich, chunky, mild spice.

The Gourmet Selections below may be chosen as a substitute for any of the above at the additional charge listed.

(Minimum 10 guests, priced per person.)

Cream of Mussel, Norwegian Salmon Ravioli * $1.75
Garnished with fresh chives, thyme and fennel.

Lobster Minestrone * $2.50
Very pretty. Wonderful.



Choose one from this category, or two if not selecting from category one.


Field Greens
Hydroponically grown greens, garnished with seasonal fruit, dressed in a black currant vinaigrette.

Winding Trails Salad
Romaine lettuce tossed with our toasted parmesan dressing, garnished with mushrooms, red onion, oven roasted tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.

Arugula Lettuce, Marinated White Beans
Scented with lemon and slight garlic, garnished with prosciutto wrapped marinated baby artichokes.

Avocado, Roasted Red Peppers
Offered on field greens, drizzled with a charred red tomato meyers lemon vinaigrette. Garnished with spicy corn bread croutons.

Crunchy Endive, Granny Smith Apples
Drizzled with an orange ginger vinaigrette.  Garnished with spicy pecans and navel orange sections.

Spicy Caesar Salad
Tossed with our ancho chile scented dressing, crunchy cheese croutons, milled tellicherry black pepper and parmigiano reggiano cheese.


Smoked Potato Salad, Lime Cumin Vinaigrette 
Scented with fresh cilantro, tossed with a medley of roasted peppers and onions, toasted pumpkin seeds, bacon and grilled corn.

Seasonal Asparagus, Tiny Yellow Tomatoes
Drizzled with a refreshing vinaigrette.

Cucumber, Red Onion, Sour Cream

Fingerling Potato Salad
Assorted fingerling potatoes, dressed in a pesto vinaigrette.

Char-Grilled Vegetables
Zucchini, Yukon gold potato, yellow squash, red bell pepper, oven roasted carrots, and leeks. Splashed with a sherry vinaigrette.

Basmati Rice, Yellow and Red Lentils
Tossed with a confetti of vegetables, scented with our lemon vinaigrette.

Garden Slaw
Assorted shredded vegetables in a refreshing lemon vinaigrette.


Curried Israeli Couscous, Red and Yellow Lentils
Garnished with celery, toasted pecans, and dried fruit.

Macaroni and Cheese
Country baked with Poblano peppers and mushrooms.

Char-Grilled Salmon, Refreshing Ponzu Vinaigrette
Marinated in lemon grass brine, tossed with roasted peppers, vidallia onions, spinach, feta cheese, capers and diced prosciutto.

Rigatoni, Broccoli, Parmgian Reggiano 
Scented with lemon zest and virgin olive oil, tossed with toasted garlic chips oven roasted tomatoes and olives.

Orzo and Friends
Tossed in a oriental vinaigrette, garnished with chopped spinach, assorted olives, roasted peppers, Feta cheese, and baby artichokes.

Southwestern Chicken, Gemelli Pasta
Scented with fresh cilantro, tossed with marinated peppers, olives, charred tomatoes in a creamy cajun sauce.

The Gourmet Selections below may be chosen as a substitute for any of the above at the additional charge listed.

(Minimum 10 guests, priced per person.)

Heirloom Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella * $1.50
Drizzled with your choice of vinaigrettes.

Pennette with Char-Grilled Chicken * $1.50 
Tiny quill shaped pasta, tossed with spinach, Shiitake mushrooms, marinated garden peppers and fresh basil in a champagne vinaigrette.

Marinated Flank Steak, Asian Aromatics * $2.00
Grilled and sliced on the bias, tossed with basmati rice, fresh scallions, toasted cashews and a ginger vinaigrette. Offered on Asian greens.

Radiatore and Yellow Fin Tuna * $1.50
Knotty pasta, tossed with tuna, sweet pepper, celery, toasted pecans, raisins, and onion in a caraway seed-curry vinaigrette.

Porcini Torcetti * $1.00
Wild mushroom flavored pasta, tossed with chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese, garden tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, sugar snaps, and cucumber, in a garden herb vinaigrette.

Peruvian Green Rice, Cilantro Vinaigrette * $3.00 
Tossed with grilled shrimp, marinated chicken, peas, and peppers.


Choose three from this category.


Snow Crab Salad, Herbal Remoulade
Tossed with julienned jicama served between grilled pita bread, layered with baby arugala.

Olive Biscuit, Rosemary Aioli
Layered with char-grilled roastbeef.

Cheddar Cheese Focaccia
Layered with spicy red pepper goat cheese, marinated artichokes, slivered red onion, jalapeno pepper, and minced olives.

Herbed Foccacia, Smoked Chicken
Fruited BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, reserve Vermont cheddar cheese.

Potato Focaccia, Slivered Lamb
Layered with watercress, tomato, red onion, and a garlicky dressing.

Meatloaf, “Dutton Farm” White Bread 
Smokey homemade ketchup, caramelized mushrooms and onions.

Crispy Eggplant, Cornmeal Basil Biscuit
Layered with our sweet tomato jam and fresh arugala.

Smoked Roast Pork Loin, Roasted Garlic Baguette
Layered with sliced apple, watercress, cracked pepper rosemary mayonnaise, and muenster cheese.

Tuna, Caraway Seed Rye Biscuit
Offered with olive mayonnaise, sprouts, tomatoes, and greens.

Grilled Sausage, Carmelized Fennel, Rustic Italian Bread
With garlicky spinach and asiago cheese.

Farmer’s Bread Roll
Rolled with turkey, blackberry mayonnaise, sliced apple, watercress, tomato, and bacon.

Tunafish, Tiny Muffin, Tomato
Very nice.

Crunchy Pita
Open-faced, topped with oven roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, white beans, artichokes, Feta and fresh mozzarella cheese.

Caraway Rye , Slivered Prosciutto
Layered with pickled peppers, spinach and a green apple horseradish sauce.

Focaccia Watch Hill Style
Layered with garlicky greenbeans, roasted peppers and mozzarella cheese.

The Gourmet Selections below may be chosen as a substitute for any of the above at the additional charge listed.

(Minimum 10 guests, priced per person.)

Mushroom Flatbread * $1.25 
Filled with sautéed spinach, caramelized shallots, roasted peppers, smokedporkloin and a creamy garlic sauce.

Garlic Herb Farmers Roll * $ .75
Rolled with garlicky broccoli rabbe, imported fontina cheese, grilled red onion, smoked red bell peppers, and poblano pepper aoili.

Spicy Spinach Wrap, Curried Chicken * $1.00
Layered with scallions, coconut aioli and cilantro leaves.

Grilled Asparagus, Country Ham * $1.50
Offered on pumpernickel marble rye, layered with Dijon mustard, roasted red peppers, sauteed mushrooms and shallots, and Gruyere cheese.

Seared Salmon Club, Sour Dough Roll * $2.00
Layered with basil mayonnaise, pickled red onion, lettuce, tomato and bacon.


All choices included in base price.

Raspberry Bars

Rosy's Brownies

Assorted Cookies


A LA CARTE ADDITIONS, priced per person.


Assorted sodas * $1.50

Flavored seltzers, iced teas, specialty juices * $1.50

Fresh brewed coffee, decafe, gourmet teas * $2.50



Keylime Tartlets * $ 1.50

Truffles * $1.40

Chocolate Hazel Nut Tartlet * $1.50

Strawberry Dipped in Chocolate * $1.50 (Seasonal)

Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad * $2.75



Click the link above for casserole choices on our "Good Food to Go" Page.