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Part of creating any unique experience includes adding your own special touches.  A one of a kind menu helps to set the tone for your event, and that begins with great ideas.  

We welcome the collaboration between your vision and our years of experience.  Together, we can design a custom menu, or if you prefer, you can choose from some of our tried and true dishes.  Either way, we know you will be pleased.  

Get started by browsing some of our ideas using the links below. 

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Casseroles to Go (pre-orders only)

Our Casseroles are baked in disposable 9x12 pans serving 8 to 10 healthy portions. Reheating instructions included.  

Braised Beef Short Ribs “Campo” Style * $85
Ancho and cumin encrusted, baked in casserole with sautéed corn and shiitake mushrooms, topped with roasted garlic, poblano pepper mashed potatoes. 
Garnished with smoked tomato relish.

Cold Country Herbal Spatzel, Lemon Chicken * $65
Sautéed in whole grain mustard compound batter, baked with caramelized shallots, mushrooms sweet sausage, spinach, roasted peppers and smoked nuggets of pancetta bacon in a cheddar cheese sauce. Topped with a sage scented cornbread crust.

Heritage Breed, Pork Shoulder Fricassee * $65
Baked with butternut squash and leeks in a juniper scented with maderia sauce.

Forest Mushroom Cobbler * $60
A porcini, Portobello and oyster mushroom sauté, scented with garlic, thyme red wine and milled black pepper, layered with caramelized sweet onion and farmers cheese. Baked with a parmesan buttermilk biscuit crust.

Vinegared Chicken, Basmati Rice * $60
Marinated boneless chicken, oven roasted with potato, onion, garlic and bell peppers, topped with Mexican oregano, caper, olive scented crust.

“Low Country” White Grits and Spice * $65
Flavored with jalapeno jack cheese, shallots, andouille sausage and crawfishtails. Topped with sauteed egg and fresh bread crumbs scented with pimento.

White Gulf Shrimp Carbonara * $85
Pan seared marinated tail off shrimp on a bed of pappadella noodles in a creamy aged asiago sauce with pancetta bacon and baby peass. Topped with crispy prosciutto waves.

Shepherds Lamb Pie * market price

Slow roasted leg of lamb, braised in a rosemary scented cabernet demi glace, with haricot verts and sweet carrots. Baked under a crust of horseradish, Dijon mustard scented mashed potatoes.

Spezzatini of Veal “Mediterranean” * $85
Slow braised veal, deglazed with brandy, slow roasted with artichokes, cured olives, Poblano peppers and leeks, scented with lemon and mint.  Topped with fried lemon slices.

Salmon Pie (or) Smoked Codfish Pie * $60
Baked with celery, carrots, leeks, in a lemon ricotta sauce. 
Topped with a tender pie crust.

Turkey Tettrazini * $55
Classic spaghetti turkey and mushrooms, baked in a Sherried cream sauce.

Char-Grilled Chicken, Bow-Tie Pasta * $65
Tossed in Pancetta bacon tomato sauce, with spinach, garlic and Porcini mushrooms.

Cassoulet in the Style of Goodness * market price
Classic blend of pork, lamb, garlic sausage and flageolot beans.

Seafood Tettrazini * market price
A wonderful blend of lobster, shrimp, crabmeat and pasta. 
Baked in a rich sherried mushroom cream sauce.

Braised Lamb, Hunter’s Style * market price
With tomatoes, artichokes, flageolet beans, carrots, and cured olives in a red wine sauce.

Braised Beef Shank, Szechuan Peppercorn Sauce * market price
Scented with clove, ginger root, scallions, and sake. 
Garnished with oven roasted shitake mushrooms.

Peruvian Green Rice, Paella Style * $65 (seasonal)
Sauteed with smoked pork, grilled shrimp, peppers, currant tomatoes and fava beans.

Vegetarian Lasagnas * $45
Layered in a classic béchamel sauce with ricotta, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
Choice one -- layered with olive oil roasted tomatoes and porcini mushrooms.
Choice two --layered with grilled eggplant, Portobello mushrooms and sautéed spinach.

Lasagna Bolognese * $55
Layered with Sicilian style Bolognese sauce with ricotta, fresh mozzarella and parmesan cheese, maderia wine scented ground pork and beef.