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Part of creating any unique experience includes adding your own special touches.  A one of a kind menu helps to set the tone for your event, and that begins with great ideas.  

We welcome the collaboration between your vision and our years of experience.  Together, we can design a custom menu, or if you prefer, you can choose from some of our tried and true dishes.  Either way, we know you will be pleased.  

Get started by browsing some of our ideas using the links below. 

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 ~Thanksgiving Holiday Menu  2018~

All orders must be placed by 10:00 A.M. on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Russell’s will be open on Thanksgiving Day,

November 22, 2018 till 10:00 A.M.

All orders must be picked up by that time.

Free Range Turkey must be ordered by November 8, 2018, 2 weeks in advance.

Enjoy! Russell’s


Butternut Squash, Apple Bisque

Scented with fresh thyme and apple syrup.

Offered with cheddar cheese croutons on the side.

($4.50 per pint, $8.95 per quart)


Savory Blue Point Oysters (Ready to Bake)

                     Spanish Chorizo sausage stuffing, scented with charred peppers,                        

overnight tomatoes, celery, onion, jalapeno chili, lime, garlic, cilantro and spice. 

($3.00 per piece)  

Applewood Smoked Bacon Wrapped U-15 White Shrimp

Green Goddess dressing Minimum of six (6).

$3.50 each

“Hardshell” Maine Lobster Bisque

Scented with Brandy, a touch of saffron, tomato and fresh herbs.

($24.00 per pint, Serves Two, 4oz Lobster Meat)

 "72 Hour Gravlox"

Russell’s cured, offered with pumpernickel crostinis (12), onion jam, 

capers, red onion, tomato and chopped egg.

($ 28.00 per pound)

Ginger, Lemongrass Hummus

Scented with garlic, lemon zest, Thai chili, and mirin wine.

Topped with fried shallots in mushroom honey soy.  Offered with fried scallion cakes.

(Serves 4-8) (1 qt $ 18.00)


(Gluten free*)

(Our quarts will serve 6 - 8 people)

Pear, Apple, Vegetable and Sweet Sausage Stuffing

Ciabatta Italian bread base.  ($10.50 per quart) 

Vegetarian Harvest Stuffing

Polenta, whole wheat wild rice, cranberries and vegetables.

Cornmeal, whole wheat bread base.  ($10.50 per quart) 

Country Gravy

($5.50 pint / $10.00 quart) 

*Gluten Free Gravy

($5.95 pint / $10.95 quart) 

              We make our poultry stock with turkey and chicken bones, onions, carrots, celery, parsely,                     thyme bay leaves, garlic peppercorns and slight clove.

Gratin Potatoes Layered with Gruyere Cheese and Leeks

($12.95 per quart)

Cauliflower Gratin

 A French Normandy classic (no cheese).

($ 12.95 per quart) 

Confited Garlic Fingerling Potatoes

Porcini mushroom butter.

($14.50 per quart)

Roasted Vegetable Hash

 Carrots, fennel, celery, sweet onion, potato, duck fat, thyme,

sea salt, lemon verbena, milled black pepper.  

($14.50 per quart)

*Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes

($8.50 quart) Add porcini mushrooms (+4.00)

* Garden Greenbeans, Toasted Pecans, Brown Butter

Scented with shallots and orange zest.

($10.25 per quart) 

*Carrots and Shiitake Mushrooms, Rosemary

Milled black pepper.

($8.50 per quart) 

*Oven Roasted Butternut Squash

 Garnished with sun-dried cranberries.

($ 8.95 per quart) 

*Mashed Gillfeather Turnip 

(Dunton Farm Vermont) The best, I’m not Kidding. - Russell

($12.50 per quart)

*Creamed Pearl Onions (Tender)

Shredded carrot, thyme.

($ 6.50 per pint) 

*Corn Pudding

Scented with shallots and fresh thyme.

($ 6.50 per pint) 

*Bacon Wrapped Brussells Sprouts, Balsamic Honey Drizzle.

Still Russell’s Favorite!

($ 8.50 pint, $16.00 quart)


Chutneys / Compotes:

Great with Poultry

*"Honey Crisp" Apple Chutney

Scented with orange zest and sun-dried cherries.

($ 7.95 per pint) 

*Our Cape Cod Cranberry, Golden Raisin Chutney

($7.50 per pint)

Pear Chutney

Scented with lemon.

($8.50 per pint)

Strawberry Jam

Scented with lemon.

($8.50 per pint)


Breads:(all fresh baked)

Sky High Buttermilk Biscuits

($16.00 per dozen) 

Harvest Loaf

A hearty blend of cornmeal, whole wheat, wild rice, sunflower seeds and cranberries.

($ 10.50 each) 

Bacon Corn Pimento Muffins

($ 16.00 per dozen) 

Four Onion Biscuits

Shallots, scallions, leeks and sweet Onion

($ 16.00 per dozen)

Vermont Cure Bacon Wrapped Baguettes

 Brushed with Garlic.

($12.50 each)

4 oz. Garlic Scallion Butter Log



Holiday Roasts:                      

All turkeys are fresh, never frozen.

Carvery Charge $15.00, Limit 50 happy clients. 


Slow Roasted Whole Turkey (Please see Chutneys)

Apple cider and basil cured. 

28-32 lbs., serves 18 guests.  Price: $180.00 (plus tax)

 22-24 lbs., serves 12-14 guests.  Price: $ 130.00 (plus tax)

 16-18 lbs., serves 8-10 guests.  Price: $110.00 (plus tax) 

4 lbs., Turkey Breast, serves 6 - 8 guests.  Price:  $65.00 (plus tax)

Herb Crusted Whole Roast Prime Ribs of Beef

24-26 lbs., serves 14-20 guests.

Price: $320.00 (plus tax)  

Garden Herb, Sea Salt Crusted Leg of Lamb

Domestic lamb, semi boneless, Med Rare, 8-9lbs.

Serves 10-12 Guests

Price: $ 165.00 

Madeira Veal Demi Glace

($ 18.00 pint/ $ 32.00 quart)

Applewood Smoked Bone - In Ham

18-20lbs Serves 20-22 guests.

Price $ 140.00 (plus tax) 

Porcini Mushroom, Calvados’ Brandy Scented Cream Demi Glace

($ 18.50 pint)

Misty Knoll Farm Vermont, Free Range Turkey

Apple cider, basil cured.

Naturally raised in open barns and free access to lush Vermont pasture,

sunlight, wholesome feed and fresh water.

24-28 lbs., serves 18 guests. Price: $255.00 (plus tax)

16-20 lbs., serves 12-14 guests. Price: $ 180.00 (plus tax)

14 -16 lbs., serves 8-10 guests. Price: $145.00 (plus tax)

Free Range Turkey must be ordered by November 9, 2017, 2 weeks in advance.



Glorious Sweets:

Apple Cranberry Tartlet

Traditional American.

Fall Pumpkin Spice Roulade

Pumpkin sponge cake, savory spiced whipped cream cheese.

(Serves 12 - $40.00)

*Cinnamon Ice Cream

($10.95 per quart)

*Caramel Sauce

($6.50 pint)

Trio of Whoopie Pie Petite Fours

Cinnamon cookie, pumpkin spice cream.

Chocolate cookie, chocolate raspberry cream.

Sugar cookie, coconut cream.

($4.50 per trio, minimum 4 trios (1 dz))

($18.00 per dozen)

Granny Smith, Apple Crisp

Serves 8 ($16.50 each)

Sweetened Buttermilk Biscuits

Filled with raspberry cream cheese, drizzled with white chocolate. (Fall leaf shape)

 ($24.00 per dozen)

Apple Pie, Apple Syrup

Garnished with candied almonds.

Serves 12 ($28.00 each)

Bourbon Pecan Tart (12 in)


Serves 12 - 16 ($44.00 each) 



Russell’s will be open on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018 until 10:00 A.M.

All orders must be picked up by that time.

Free Range Turkey must be ordered by November 8th, 2016, 2 weeks in advance.

 Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!  

Enjoy! - Russell