Menu Ideas

Part of creating any unique experience includes adding your own special touches.  A one of a kind menu helps to set the tone for your event, and that begins with great ideas.  

We welcome the collaboration between your vision and our years of experience.  Together, we can design a custom menu, or if you prefer, you can choose from some of our tried and true dishes.  Either way, we know you will be pleased.  

Get started by browsing some of our ideas using the links below. 

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We are located at:

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Sample Dinner Buffet Menu


Baby Artichoke Spoons
Topped with a lime almond, romesco sauce.

Crispy Potato Cakes, Tomato Jam
Yukon gold potato cakes scented with lemon zest and milled black pepper. 
Garnished with early fall garden tomato jam with minced chives.

Pan Seared Tuna “Rare”, Scallion Slaw
Black sesame seed crackers, wasabi scented avocado horseradish cream.

Lemon Scented Salmon, Garlic Crostini
Layered with green olive pesto and baby arugula.

Vegetarian Quesadillas 
Filled with a mild white cheese, mango, avocado and jalapeno escabeche
Offered with a refreshing salsa verda.


Field Greens, Black Current Vinaigrette
Garnished with seasonal fresh fruit. (Very Pretty)


Forest Mushroom Strudel
Offered on a curried yellow pepper coulis, garnished with edamane beans.

Two Tone Tomato Domes
Scented with olive oil, sea salt and milled black pepper. 
Garnished with silver queen corn salsa and minced chives.

Char-Grilled Sea Bass Fillet, Caramelized Shallots
Marinated in ginger brine, garnished with current tomatoes and purple Peruvian fingerling potatoes, Asian vinaigrette.

Butternut Squash, Goat Cheese Lasagna
Layered with toasted pecans scented with lemon thyme, shallots and slight garlic.

Toasted Israeli, Couscous, Wild Rice
Scented with garlic, onion & fresh thyme, garnished with oven roasted tomatoes.


Assorted Finger Desserts Offered. 


Regular coffee, decaf, and tea available. 


Lox Salmon (Buttery Texture)
Offered with miniature bagels, red onion, lettuce, tomato, capers, scallion cream cheese, and pepper cream cheese.

Classic Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, tossed with our dressing, cheesy croutons and Romano cheese.

Crunchy Bread Sticks, Ranch Dressing (For dipping)

Vegetarian Lasagna
Layers of ricotta cheese, fresh mozzarella and noodles in a sweet sauce.


A beautiful Cake serviced by Russell’s


Sample Hors D'oeuvres/Stations Menu


Sushi, Makimono
Russell’s will offer a wonderful selection of seafood & vegetarian choices.
Artfully garnished, offered with garlicky soy, pickled ginger and wasabi paste.

“Mini Hot Pastrami” 
Griddled served on good rye with New York whole grain, mustard and Swiss cheese.

Mediterranean Tastes 
A beautiful display of marinated vegetables, lox pate, cheese, grilled pita, spicy red pepper hummus and golden zucchini and onion cakes with vegetable salsa.


Martini Bar

We offer one savory base, Yukon Gold Potato Mash. Three toppings to complement your Martini Bar. Your Edible drinks are guaranteed to stimulate the eyes and the palette.

1.     Oaxacan short ribs
        Slow braise of chipotle, oven roasted tomatoes, fire poblano peppers in a tomatillo sauce, white hominy drizzle.

2.     Horseradish cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, seared chicken, tomatoes, peas, basil oil.

3.     Char Grilled Winter Vegetables 
        A blend of Eggplant, leeks, peppers, mushrooms, carrots and edamanebeans scented with fresh thyme.


Moroccan Spice Crusted Baby Lamb Chops
Served with a minted aioli.

Vegetable Spring Rolls
Crisped passion fruit dipping sauce.

Butternut Strudel
Layers of phyllo dough, Feta cheese, dill, butternut squash, shallots, 
parsley, and scallions. (Very pretty)

Slivered Salmon Tartar, Green Olive Pesto Bruschetta
Tossed with peppery baby arugala lettuce. Garnished with salmon caviar.

Sunburst Chicken Sate
Marinated in a passion fruit brine, scented with lime zest, garlic, ginger, pineapple sage, smoked sea salt and Szechuan pepper corns.

Yukon Gold and Sweet Potato Latkis
(Classic) Garnished with sour cream and applesauce.


Assorted Finger Desserts Offered 
To include dipped strawberries and dried fruit.


Mulled Cider, Tea, Decaf, and Coffee service provided.


Tiny Hot Dogs in Puff Pastry 
Offered with ketchup and mustard.

Beef Meatballs, Fruited Sweet and Sour Sauce
Scented with fresh fruit.

Crispy Chicken Fingers
Offered with a garlicky honey mustard dipping sauce.

Bread Stick Batons
Offered with our classic marinara sauce.

Beverage Station
A Children’s beverage station will be set up next to their food table. 
(Sodas, waters, and juices.)